Our Programmes

Our offered programmes showcase the untapped potential of aspiring athletes and provide comprehensive support to help them reach their goals. We provide a range of services including education, nutrition, sports medicine, and a complete sports package to ensure their success.

Here are the programmes with their respective concept and purposes:

on your marks

The “On Your Marks…” The programme contributes to the overall development of para-athletics in Singapore. It lays the necessary foundation of success for the future of the sport’s growth.

A recruitment drive to identify and nurture the talent of children, both boys and girls, and adults, both men and women regardless of age groups. Helping them recognise the benefits that sport like para-athletics could contribute to their lives and thus promoting healthy lifestyles.

To increase and maintain participation numbers at all stages of the development continuum as well as aiding progression through the different development stages. Laying basic developmental work at this stage would help utilise a massive pool of potential participants and swell base levels.

Welfare organisations, rehabilitation centres, institutions, schools and individuals comprising children and adults regardless of gender and age group who are diagnosed with the state of medical conditions such as ten (10) eligible impairment types: eight (8) physical impairments such as impaired muscle power, impaired passive range of movement, limb deficiency, ataxia, athetosis, hypertonia, short stature, leg length difference as well as visual impairment and intellectual impairment.

The “Get Set…” The aim of the programme is for potential para-athletes to grow from participants who are already enthusiastic about para-athletics and who commit to participating regularly in a variety of developmental activities.

A program that emphasises deliberate play activities and sampling of various techniques and fundamental skills to develop self-regulation, decision-making skills, and feelings of competence, which are keys to the development of future self-determined expert and recreational athletes.

To develop and nurture potential athletes’ intrinsic motivation for para-athletics sport. Creating and providing opportunities to play the sport at higher competitive levels.

Enthusiastic individuals who wish to take a step further to develop their true potential in realising their dreams to participate in local and international competitions.

The custom-made “GO!”. The programme comprises of initiatives and services to nurture and develop high performing and elite para-athletes.

Developing and nurturing high performing and elite athletes through equal opportunities to access various contemporary high-performance sports services such as sports science, which incorporates areas of physiology, psychology, motor control and biomechanics. It also includes nutrition and diet, sports technology, anthropometry, kinanthropometry, and performance analysis.

To build awe-inspiring medals prospect teams of high performing and elite para-athletics athletes towards sports excellence. Aiding high performing and elite athletes’ progression through the different stages in sports periodisation.

Current performance-driven, seasoned and experienced para-athletes and those selected individuals categorised under the promising newcomers and young talents.


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