PAS Local Classification Schedule

It is the PAS Local Classification Schedule 2021 – Part 2. Book your appointment and reserve a time slot.

Athletes Nomination & Selection Policy

The PAS has released its nomination & selection policy for Bahrain & Vietnam 2021. Do you have what it takes to qualify?

Qualification for the 11th ASEAN Para Games

The Singapore National Paralympic Council (SNPC) released the qualification criteria for Vietnam 2021.

National Records Published

The National and National Championships Records are now published. See who are the heroes.

Discover True Potential

Benefits of hard work, motivation and perseverance in both winning and losing situations.

Athletics has been part of the Paralympic Games since 1960 and always attracts the largest number of spectators. The sport offers a wide range of competitions and events and is open to male and female athletes in all impairment groups. So, whether you want to see athletes run 100m in just over 10 seconds, marvel at a high jumper with one leg clearing 2 metres, or a thrower propelling a discus nearly 50 metres, this is the sport for you.

What are you waiting for?