Meet Managers

The quality and success of a sports competition reflect its management and administration. Efficient management demands the full understanding of the program itself and belief in the objectives of the organisers and the participants.

To attain success and orderliness in the conduct of the competition, there should be guiding rules and regulations to be followed, proper scheduling of games, a safe and sufficient venue, availability of equipment needed, and officials to rule the games.

Competitions or meet managements are evaluated through the way the competition is carried out careful consideration of every detail is a must for the success of the project, gaining of respect and confidence of the participants and audience, and a good reputation as a manager.

Competition management comprises three phases, namely:

  • Preparation before the game;
  • Responsibilities during the game; and
  • Responsibilities after the game.

For a well-planned competition, the project needs careful planning. Every detail such as the type of sports events to be included, the interest of the clientele’, equipment, venue, budget, time frame, officials, working force behind the project, season of the year, programs to be prepared, safety and convenience of both athletes, officials, and audience/speactators are all to be given optimum consideration.

The PAS welcomes any potential individuals interested in value-adding their skills and experience as PAS Meet Managers or Administrators. As the initiative parallels to PAS strategic development, potential individuals may be awarded a specific course and training sponsorship/scholarship subject to PAS terms and conditions.


If you are interested to get involved, please drop us a note along with your qualification and relevant experience.