Phase 2 of reopening for para-athletics

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

COVID-19: Phase 2 of reopening Singapore

Phase 2 starts from June 19, 2020

Phase 2 of reopening has kicked in. This means that para-athletics training could resume but under the strict safety management control moderated by the SportSG.

All para-athletics training is currently being managed by the Para Athletics (Singapore), PAS, which is one of the NDSAs affiliated to SDSC.

Therefore, the resumption plan for all para-athletics training will be based on PAS Guidelines published for all its participants including athletes, coaches, officials, caregivers, parents, and teachers. These guidelines can be obtained via the PAS website (see links below) and from the respective Head Coaches.

Not all athletes and coaches will be activated to resume training at one shared session. Attendance will be staggered according to PAS ratio requirement of at least 3:1 (3 athletes: 1 coach) per training session. Training sessions may be more than one per day subject to the availability of respective training venues along with its safe management protocol.

Respective Head Coaches will inform their athletes and assistant coaches of their training routine and schedule. Athletes are to strictly adhere to the timetable or schedule given by their coaches. PAS will be giving out specific instructions directly to head coaches for the implementation of the safe management protocols.

Not all athletes will be called to resume training immediately and this shall be under the discretion of PAS along with its coaches for the seamless implementation of the COVID-19 safety/risk management measures and protocols.

PAS will update all athletes and head coaches about the process to resume training in due course. Thus, no training shall resume before any directives coming from PAS about it.

If anyone has queries or require further clarifications on the above information, please contact the respective Head Coaches or click here.